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My 1st love

Welcome to the audio room . I will be updating this more often in 2018 as part of my pledge to share my personal sonic endeavors as well as some of those musicians that I admire, am influenced or am making music with.

1st up - Aidan Nolan and the My New Gravity band. Very talented group of musicians based in Charlotte, NC. Smooth / unique take on cover songs, mixed with flavorful originals. I have started gigging with these gentlemen, come out and listen to us at Sauceman's BBQ in Charlotte, NC Saturdays at 5. 

2nd up, Chet Baker. Was turned on to his music by a movie "Born to be Blue". Tragic life story, incredible musician that in my opinion surpasses the musical talents of Miles Davis. His vocals and trumpet playing truly transports you to a quiet place and time. The best description of his music comes from a youtube post:

"Been listening to Chet for years. Rainy days, love in the afternoon, red wine watching the breakers roll in. A table for two, a candle burning low, mellow as a cello, on stage Chetty under the spotlight, the last notes die down the crowd thins out. Tired now, convertible top down, sleepy moon over the bay, hypnotic and complete, a spellbound timeless moment, rolling just rolling along, the golden sunrise at the crest of the horizon. Us Growing old together, vinyl on the turntable the big widows open wide, curtains blowing and autumn leaves playing by Chet again… Where did the time go…"

My New Gravity

Chet Baker

Visuals to listen by - start a video to the left or below & enjoy the slideshow

Some more songs from Soundcloud

Classical - Alman

ProgRock - Mood For a Day

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