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Hi. I am Howie Silinski, an IT Systems professional with a passion for the Audio and Visual Arts. The wellspring for these passions were the scenic Hudson Valley of Beacon and Poughkeepsie, NY. My most profound influences are classical guitar Professor Michael Mosely, photographers Ansel Adams and Hugh Morton,  the fusion of music / ecology by   Pete Seeger (his performance Vassar road elementary was memorable), and an overall appreciation for the arts from my parents, and Mrs Cornell of St Martin DePorres. My photographic endeavors have evolved quickly over the last several years, being published in a variety of periodicals, culminating in 2016's award for Best in Show at the Mint Hill, NC Fall Art Gallery show. Favorite photographic subjects: Nature and Wildlife, with special focus on the Mountains and Beaches of North Carolina. My music continues to evolve.

These galleries celebrate life's miracles. If visiting here inspires you to discover new places, meet new people, or just helps slow life down to meditate upon the wonders around you, my mission is accomplished. Your support by purchasing a photo for print, picture file to download, coaster, etc or just directing others here to enjoy the contents will help keep this site up and running. Please also visit my youtube site as I work towards releasing a collection of original music. Joy and Peace :+)


2018 Jan/Feb/Mar - Goodbyes and Hellos
Goodbye to a dear old friend who succumbed to Cancer / Diabetes but a fighter to the end, RIP Dale Black. Dale's spirit lives, hello again, to music as I start a new journey with a new band The Rhythm Theorem, an find new music venues in Asheville, NC including the Asheville Guitar bar and live jazz at The Market place.

Music - Chet Baker... My funny valentine ,  Almost Blue

Read - Roy Eugene Davis.... "The simplicity of spiritual enlightenment"

Nov / Dec - The gift of new life

We once again wrap the year with social gatherings, to reap the years harvest, give thanks, and celebrate the miracle of life. Enjoy your holiday celebrations with mindfulness, self realization, and inner peace!

Enjoyable reads - Finish absorbing life's recipe in the Sutras of Patanjali

Music - Shpongle

Aug / Sept / Oct - Die to live

My favorite time of year, cool, colorful, and reflective. Our  yearly pilgrimage to the NC mountains culminated with a visit to the Art of Living retreat in Boone, NC. Thanks to the wonderful people there , and especially to Yogi KrishnaJi Verma for a  spiritual awakening / miracle, and yoga instructor XiaMara for teaching us the proper pronunciation of "Aum" ;+)
Kudos also to Brian Sain of RhoddieBicycle Outfitters  who not only set me up with a beautiful Cannondale Synapse with disc brakes for a "very crisp" am ride on the BLP, but picked the bike up from our hotel during a horrendous flash flood storm. 

Enjoyable read = Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Photos =

Song = "Die to Live" Steve Vai

May / June / July - Tempus Fugit

The last 3 months were a whirlwind, "so much time, so little to do, wait a minute, strike that, reverse it". Lovely time for reflection and innovation at the beach, followed by the most noteworthy activity, I was selected by Mint Hill Arts to have 6 pieces of my work featured in the Town Hall / Chamber of Commerce.
Enjoyable reads - Edgar Allen Poe's complete poetical works, he was quite the renaissance man
Video / Song - Allan Holdsworth, God rest his soul, a modern guitar genius
Photo - Carolina Beach

April - "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end"

We covered the mountains to the sea in April, starting with a trip to visit Tory in Wilmington, NC and partake in the Azalea festival in Wilmington , and then visited Holly in Asheville .

Book = a natural transition of sorts "Bhagavad Gita"

Video song - Tool - "Lateralus" as covered by Sam Westphalen

Photo - He has risen , from St Mary Basilica in Wilmington, NC

March 2017 - "In like a lion out like a lamb"
Lots of interesting weather changes so far, but thus is March! ...and with that weather comes some interesting Winter vs Spring photos in my nature area

Recommends for the month

Book = Sticking with Autobiography of a Yogi - one of those books that I go back and reread certain sections to fully absorb.. what to read next ????

Video / Song = He posted kind compliments for one of my ELP remakes, so here's a plug for the very talented Jamie Glaser playing with Jean Luc Ponty, best wishes for their tour this year. 

Photo = We had a 1/2 day snow event in which all was melted by days end, but it was a magical between the forces of nature that day, love this one of purple flox

Guests = My beautiful daughters visited for my birthday, and "Uncle Pepe" Angelo Norberto visited for a couple of days that included non-stop crying from laughing stories of his NYC police antics. Video will be posted next month of the magic routine that he roped the girls into ;+) 

Also re-unioned with the talented Eddie Kennely who drummed some tracks for a new song we are working on, 1st draft to be posted soon!

Jan 2017 - Happy Year of the Rooster!
Lets start with a few recommends for the month of January:
Movie = Tortilla Soup - Raising daughters, yes I can absolutely relate !
Book =  Autobiography of a Yogi
Video / Song = Miss Tisha, in the middle of something completely unrelated, says JJ Cale... Magnolia, and yes my dear I am hooked on it now!
Photo = Luna the Bear

Wrote a mellow little classical piece for my Mom's birthday, check out the rough cut version at .

It was another exciting year for audio and video, checkout my youtube, and soundcloud sites for works in progress, and StreetJelly / ConcertWindow for upcoming online busking performances. Some great pics of LunaBear in the snow, has she really been with us for 2 years now? Asheville is always a fun place to visit where I leave thinking, why didn't we stay a little longer ;+) Checked off a few bucket list items in London, UK , and Nov was highlighted with my "Heavens Acre" winning best in show at the Mint Hill Arts Gallery. Thanks to all of you, but especially Victoria and Tish, for helping me pick the winning photos from my collections.

Re-arranged the studio to allow walk up and record vs. cable wrestling. Track the pieces as they evolve on my SoundCloud site . Asheville was more beautiful this spring, thanks and Congrats to our Holly who graduated from UNCA. May your artistic endeavors fill the world with joy. Lots of neat stuff happening at the Mint Hill Farmers market including Life is all tea and cakes yummies, and yours truly serenading the crowd. More colorful beach moments, and a couple of new vids at my youtube site. Finally got to see Ozric Tentacles and the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (highlighted by the 2nd coming of Jaco / Cody Wright). Then off to Banner Elk, NC for hiking, and to soak in the awesome leaf colors and panoramic views. My 2nd new gig for the year... stop by and checkout the tunes!

Lost a few good friends and family members, but they remain in spirit as points of reflection and motivation . Upgraded some gear (sorry Apple fans went with a PC rather than a MAC) and added a  Fishman Loudbox to my arsenal, the cleanest most natural sounding amp for acoustic guitar and vocals around! Had my 1st solo gig in a long time at CPCC Culinary School Tea Social . Several original pieces of music in the works, here's a real rough take on End of Battles.My yearly photogging always includes NC mountain and Carolina Beach as Tish begrudgingly commiserated with Randy Jones (cowboy from the Village People), how she has lost her husband to the camera, his reply "ooo does he use a Nikon or a Canon" ;+)  Plenty more pics from vineyards, and fall colors . A couple of bouts with upper back problems grounded me for a few months, so tips to everyone, get up and stretch every 30 min to avoid the horrendous pain I have been thru this year.Ended the year with a violinist for Mom's birthday, and my rendition of an ELP Season favorite

2013Added Charlotte Observer, Catholic News and Herald, the Weather Channel, and Matthews-Mint Hill Times to the list of periodicals (Smithsonian Magazine, Our State, Mint Hill Highland Games) that have used my work.  Northwest School of the Arts and the St. John Neumann choir's performed Duke Ellington's "Sacred Concert" under the direction of Peppie Calvar. Was honored to photo this inspirational music event. Checkout my PEOPLE gallery, or go to Peppie Calvar / Duke Ellington video . No year is complete without HOCKEY pics. Ice level, behind the glass, while fervent fans pounded away at it... the true spirit of the game ! More great pics of the Monroe airshow with the return of another thrilling WINGWALKER! , and my perspective of the Aircraft Carrier Midway . Wrapped up 2013 by merging my photography and home recording endeavors with my rendition of Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time

Howie's Music - Goodnight or to the light

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