Welcome to my music page where you will find links to music files, videos, and pics of personal sonic experiences over the many years of performing  / observing. My live performances are comprised of about 50% original music, acoustic versions of classical rock favs, with some classical and fusion mixed in. I currently perform live at the Mint Hill Farmers market Sat mornings from 8:30 to 11:30, live-stream on StreetJelly.com, an occasional Wine or Tea party, and soon to come Twitch as well as a few local cafes in the Mint Hill, Stallings, Hemby Bridge area. email me at HSilinski@hotmail.com if interested in a live performance or collaboration. Blessings !            

Click the above link to reach my Soundcloud page.

Here you can listen to original pieces and covers that I created in my small home studio. I use Studio One by Presonus as my DAW, and am still a bit of a novice.

Some of the equipment used:

Allen and Heath mix board

Adam audio studio monitors

ASUS G75JM gamer laptop

Presonus USB audiobox interface

What is Drooble you ask ???

Drooble is a cool site that encourages mostly unsigned musicians to collaborate. What I like about it is the Charts page where the top 50 pieces with the most traction for the week get highlighted, and is even organized by genre. In the recent past I have hit #1 for both Electronic, and Experimental genres !!!

Click the above link to view audio / video on my youtube channel.

Here I have a mix of pieces that were performed live, as well as creations using Adobe and Vegas software, and links to some of my favorite musicians.

Some of my favorite musical encounters over the years

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