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Howie Silinski is a photog, musician, and Information Technology professional that embraces  a unique fusion of talents to excite audio and visual senses. His photography work has been published in a variety of publications / websites, and won awards in art shows. His musical endeavors have evolved into a rebirth of passion for sonic experimentation as evidenced in his streamed performances on and, and live performances with the band "Aidan Nolan and the Rhythm Theorem".  Samples can also be listened to on youtube, and soundcloud pages, with a CD release eminent for 2019.       

Blog 2018

Jun - Aug
Have spent much less time on photography lately, perhaps its because I have submerged (and successfully recovered) my trusty "original" gopro camera from the bottom of a stream, while not protected by its waterproof case! The mic is fried, and battery life is next to nil. In the meantime, the trusty Nikon D80, has persevered my unintentional beatings long enough, one lens completely malfunctioning, and the viewer screen just to small for these aging eyes. Time for an equipment upgrade, looking for advice on what to get, feel free to provide suggestions on this page or via email. I was able to snap these beauties while at the beach, enjoy!

On the audio side of the house, have had a few performances on , live gigs at Sauceman's BBQ with Aidan Nolan and the Rhythm Theorem, and a few jams with prospective fellow music collaborators. Click on the following for one of my live solo performances. This has been a rebirth year for me musically, which means that is also where all of my creative endeavour funding has gone $$$.  Cables, and amps, and pedals oh my !!! Stay tuned for my review of the SY300, the pinnacle of my pedal fetish ;+)