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Howie Silinski is a Photog, Musician, and Information Technology professional originally from the Hudson Valley in Poughkeepsie, NY. His photography work is inspired by Hugh Morton and Ansel Adams, and has been published in a variety of publications, and won awards in art shows. His musical endeavors were sparked early by family members, fellow musicians, a Pete Seeger elementary school performance, and classical guitar lessons by Mike Mosley, which have since evolved into a rebirth of passion for sonic experimentation. Listen to samples of his music on youtube, and soundcloud , , and support his progress on the charts at Drooble. Photographs on this site can be obtained in a variety of media formats including prints, cups, buttons, etc. 

May your experience on this site bring you joy, peace, and love for the life you have around you.           

Blog 2020

April - July
Humanity has moved into a tumultuous state since I last posted. The teachings of the wise sages (Buddha, Moses, Christ, etc) ring as true now as they have over past 3000 years of human history... refrain from taking life, stealing, and speaking falsely. Embrace wisdom, kindness, patience, generosity, and compassion. Having spent 10 days surrounded by the miracles of nature in the Grandfather Mountain this month, these truths were even more embraceable.
Recommended listen -  Silas and Saski
Recommended watch - "Lost on Everest"

Jan - Mar
Happy New Year friends, family, and those who I have yet to meet
How blessed are we to begin a new decade together! More video and music to come to this site this year, I promise the bar has been raised.
What better way to start the New Year than birthday wishes in January to my Mom Jane, my Daughter Holly, my Dad Howard J, and to guru Paramahansa Yogananda. Chinese NEw YEar this year was celebrated at the Peaceful Dragon, a  trip to AOL is eminent early spring.

Recommended watch:Awake - The life of Paramahansa Yogananda

Recommended read: Autobiography of a Yogi 
Recommended listen musicThe Shankar Project   
Recommended listen SpeechParamahansa Yogananda

I hope these gems inspire you to be the change for ushering in this new decade of enlightenment

Life is full of miracles, and risks... reality is always distorted by the veil of our egocentric  perceptions. Good vibes to all of you. Stay healthy. Take care of your own minds and bodies.

Sep - Dec

You live how you breath, you breath how you live. Words to learn from and live by as we move into the heart of fall. I hope you enjoy the mountains photos as we celebrate my favorite part of the year which happens to include Halloween, All Saints / Souls days, and Diwali. Renaissance Festival and Warriors and Warbirds airshow are also yearly favorites. Some new audio bits up on Soundcloud to enjoy as well. 

Recommended listen - The Harris Brothers

Recommended read / watch - Q&A in Australia with Sadhguru

Jul - Aug

"The day is OK, and the sun can be fun but I live to see those rays slip away" If you know the lyrics, the song, and the band you may be a metalhead! If you know me, the quick move into the fall, is greatly anticipated. Been working with a very talented new musical partner, will be posting some sonic goodies soon in addition to the new covers posted on soundcloud , lets hope beautiful Wilmington will avoid any bad weather this year.

Recommended listen -  Snarky Puppy - 

Recommended read / watch - State of mind: The Psychology of control

Great mental and physical detox in the NC mountains. Live music performances continue at Saucemans BBQ, and the Trailhouse restaurant to well received crowds. Proud of youngest daughter Tory who recently graduated from UNCW, and has started a freelence career in the visual arts, perhaps Dad will inherit her Canon as she looks to upgrade ;+)
Finally found a MusicMan footswitch on Ebay to replace my long lost one, now i get use both channels out of this lovely vintage amp head!

Recommended read - The Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliThe book of the spiritual man
I am re-reading, and though this is written in an easily digestible format, there is a wealth of knowledge here about the theory behind Yoga practice and Buddhism concepts. As a practicing Christian, I found the themes and perspective rejuvenating.        

Recommended listen for Spring - Shpongle - Are you Shpongled?
Psychedelic, hypnotic, psybient electronica is not the music I grew up on, but over the last few years Simon Posford and Raja Ram (the ambitious duo that is Sphongle) have grown on me. They performed their last live performance at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in May to 2 back to back sold out shows, the perfect venue for their music. If you are looking for something to listen to while sitting outside gazing at the stars or in to a campfire, give this a good listen, no drugs required !!!

In  numerology, 2019 is a "3" year,  a deeply creative number in numerology. It is the number for singers, actors, musicians, and dreamers. Perhaps that's why the governor has declared 2019 the year of music for NC. I'm all in, so we start with a trip to the studio to rerecord a few Aidan Nolan songs over the next few weeks, and I've narrowed down the "Silinski" originals to be re-recorded and published. Let the wild ride begin! In the meantime....


Sep - Nov
The cool air is finally upon us, and so are the fall colors of reflection, retreat, and harvest. There is one time each year that I am in complete harmony with life, and that is when I commune with nature in the NC Mountains. Office politics, family drama, etc all dissolve here. I hope my yearly NC Mountain pics bring a piece of that serenity to you, and Monroe Airshow pics help remember our veterans. Adding to our now yearly pilgrimage at the Art of Living center was my  read of the month "The fundamentals of Meditation Practice" by Ting Chen, and my song / prayer of the month "Give me Love" by George Harrison... namaste            

Jun - Aug
Have spent much less time on photography lately, perhaps its because I have submerged (and successfully recovered) my trusty "original" gopro camera from the bottom of a stream, while not protected by its waterproof case! The mic is fried, and battery life is next to nil. In the meantime, the trusty Nikon D80, has persevered my unintentional beatings long enough, one lens completely malfunctioning, and the viewer screen just to small for these aging eyes. Time for an equipment upgrade, looking for advice on what to get, feel free to provide suggestions on this page or via email. I was able to snap these beauties while at the beach, enjoy!

On the audio side of the house, have had a few performances on , live gigs at Sauceman's BBQ with Aidan Nolan and the Rhythm Theorem, and a few jams with prospective fellow music collaborators. Click on the following for one of my live solo performances. This has been a rebirth year for me musically, which means that is also where all of my creative endeavour funding has gone $$$.  Cables, and amps, and pedals oh my !!! Stay tuned for my review of the SY300, the pinnacle of my pedal fetish ;+)                     

  • Ray Gandy

    on September 28, 2012

    incredible artistry! very motivational and serene...a needed break!

  • Jeff Keckler

    on March 25, 2010

    Awesome pictures..!!